Amazing Address in the Heart of the New City Centre

Surrey’s population growth is outpacing Vancouver’s. At its core, a highly respected university fuels a growing tech sector and an innovative business environment. Thousands of jobs are being created, 2,000 new businesses launch each year, and 800 people move here every month. To that vibrant mix add iconic architecture, ample green space, and thriving arts and culture.




Smart, Young, and On the Rise

Surrey is the next big thing: a smart, youthful, growing city—and the ideal location for Bosa Properties to unveil the future of urban living. These flexible homes flow between private time and party time—just as easily as you’ll stroll to work, a shopping excursion, or a night on the town.


Alumni Tower

Both University District and BosaSPACE™ make their world premiere with Alumni, a sleek residential skyrise and the fir [...]